are you in charge?

In the past on the rare occasion when I must have been out- maybe at the hairdressers or a snatched day out with a friend. The boys were much younger and require meals preparing etc . If my mum might ring- julian answered the phone, she would always say to him ” are you in charge”.

Julian would be definitely be in charge’. preparing tea for the boys after school. It was the way mum would always say to Julian the same phrase. As though he never usually helped out with their childcare. Perhaps it was rare for the men in mums circle of life to help prepare a meal.

but thinking about it- my dad very rarely stepped foot in mums kitchen. it was her domain.

so turning the clock forward and since Dec 22nd- my stroke- Julian most certainly is ‘ in charge’!! I have done very little, he has been brilliant.

due to the lack of any recent photos and wanting to add a bit of colour to this short blog- I have added some photos taken over last few years.

They aren’t really relevant but ha ho. that’s my input at present. But I can press the capitals button ( shift) with left hand now !!!

Speak again soon.

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