passenger’s view from the car

Marble church

Yesterday I visited the physio at the hospital again, and she put me through my paces. I asked if she’d show me how to get up and down from the floor, so I could try doing some of the lying down exercises on a mat. As it was hurting my back doing them on a bed. didn’t seem like enough support.

so she showed me how using good leg and holding onto the edge of bench I could pull myself up from mat.

This will be much better & infact I have tried it twice since Wednesday. That is positive. Once on the floor I am amazed still how difficult it is to turn over. left side still no power & I feel a bit like a beached whale. Shuffling seems to do the trick.

my photos are nothing to do with time in the physios, but just views on the way home. sat in the car either whilst Julian shopping in Tesco’s or getting his takeaway in Ruthin. I think I ve maybe got cabin fever having only been out a handful of times since xmas, mostly jan seems to be either taken up with being in hospital or tackling the snow- a white world.

if we go out and perhaps then I am left in the car as julian nips somewhere – so – then I like taking a few photos to keep me amused. And unfortunately this is the only place I can share them!!

And so back to my trip to the physio. we asked her if I was making progress- as after weeks at the stroke rehabilitation unit and completing my exercises were feeling like we needed something for our moral. and then she says ‘ yes good progress’ and we both smile ( me only one sidedly) like Cheshire cats.

I have progressed into 3rd grade ( just made that up )- the new regime is to use walker during night if need the loo ( & half asleep), also use it first thing in morning when always bit wobbly, but when a bit awake use a stick. ( I was a bit hesitant seems old fashioned\ but not a wooden one my granny used, This is aluminium and plastic- which she measured for my height. I went for walk to try it- and she thought I was safe. 2 thoughts about this last sentence- one, Julian reminded me if walking with walking stick a bit strange, then what the **** was walking with this walker!!. Secondly as soon as I got this walking stick home I gave it a spray with Dettol- just seemed in my mind full of germs. probably was brand new. anyway satisfied me- cleaner now. 🙂

Use walking stick at home until tired, &to use walker if going out .unlikely- still so knackered- but anyway to uses the walker if I do – and I can put my handbag in the trolley- just like mum used to do .

so i feel progress is slowly being made- so slow- from where i am sat- but useful to tell people and that cheers folk up- as always helpful to have a positive story !! it is a along hard slog from where I am sat. but don’t be morbid,

getting used to watching Pointless- although I always call it Countless. How quickly I am sliding into daytime viewing. Atrocious, but when the body and mind is recuperating, and only one digit on my left hand bothered typing on this this keyboard it makes my computer seems less appealing.

It presses the shift key and the other fingers lie there watching. time for a cuppa( Julian just delivered- very kind). He washed my hair this morning. In sickness and in health!!!! poor thing\;(

please excuse mistakes again !!

The road home and Clwydian Hills in the distance

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