One thing led to another

So a few weeks ago when I was feeling proper poorly- and watching Tv more than usual- I came across Michael Portillo Great Canadian Train Journeys

It got me thinking about when I went to the same part of Canada when I was around 20. ( see future yet to be written!) I wondered what yr it was. All things a bit fuzzy after so many yrs! I remember once home in the midst of my jet lag watching parts of the royal wedding- Charles & Di. so googled what year they married and 1981 came forth- don’t we love google to solve most problems!!

quick sketch of gloves Judith gave me

I asked Julian if he’d help find my diary for this year from cupboard above the bed, where they are stored ( around 1973 about twenty yrs). Once he’d struggle retrieving right one I then sat quietly laughing my way through sections of this diary, which seems like reading about someone else’s life

Concerts or what we call gigs I went to?

I think it is first year as a student at North Staffs Poly based in Stoke. ( pre Julian days). Visiting home quite often. No car so mum would pick me up & perhaps stay for the weekend. My brothers having children – so Auntie Sue was a perfect babysitter.

21st Jan 1981

Nice to read about normal everyday family life in those days. if I can read my writing?

Feb 22 1981

And so it was funny how one thing had led to another . amusing and how I reacted at the Strangers concert – was very interesting. but I’ll wait to see if anyone intrested in my trip down memory lane before I sit here typing any longer.

My left hand being rather more helpful typing capitals , but rather than that on strike!

before I settle down to watch ‘ Caraaboa Cup final this afternoon ( what the bloody hell is that cup !!! was it Carlsburg. anyway Man City playing Chelsea. I probably will have to listen to it and do exercises- I must be improving Big news today walking a bit without stick !!! just a bit don’t want to fall

photo as I walked to window without stick !

From my diary – Sandra’s 21st. ( I apologise my critic regarding disco)

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