Marching on

slowly I can see the old Sue resurfacing- even if I still can’t type properly with my left hand.

I am walking with my stick during the day- or ever now and then with no stick. 🙂

But still I am prone to falling

One night whilst heading to the bathroom- I caught my toe on a wheel of the walker- tripped and ended up in the bath. would have been funny except Julian had real trouble extracting me from it!!

Made worse with knocking the shower hose and kicking the soap in the tub- so I couldn’t get a grip- ever time I tread to stand – I was slipping backwards. What a palaver in the middle of the night!

I have bruises from forehead to toe!!

Josh has spent a few days at home with us last week and then went he went back to his bungalow there was a with a new fitted bedroom. Push open drawers- very cool.

So that is something else we can tick of the ‘to do list’. Everything seemed to have come to a halt when I went into hospital. Slowly we are sorting a few things. Fore instance I had my hair cut last week ! hooray- it was about 7 weeks later than normal appointment- so my fringe was SO long- drove me to distraction. I was constantly asking for a clips.

All these things require two hands., but my left hand moves better each week- just not very coordinated.

first drink the other night since Xmas. Two dry months. I’ve moved on to larger bottles now- only seems fair to catch up.

Of to do my exercises now. byee

2 thoughts on “Marching on

  1. Sue, you’ve made me laugh about the “ bath” incident! And yet i’m Pretty sure it wasn’t funny at all at the time!! For yourself or Julian!! So glad you’re continuing to improve SueXx


    1. Well it was ridiculous more than funny. Certainly Julian wasn’t laughing!! Traumatised more like:( ha ha. off to physio tomorrow an see what new tricks I have to perform. when I can stand better we’ll try and sort this gravestone ( before June anyway)


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