Back in time -Mixtures of stuff -serious & students diary!!

Thanks to cousin Jane whos recently sent me some newspaper cuttings from the 60’s (I think 1963) relating to my grandparents and their Methodist chapel. I would retype the print but my hand no up to that yet. If anyone tries to enlarge the screen that might be large enough to read.

Also Jane sent me Grandpas Order of service from 1982 (below), which in turn lead me to check out my diary for this year, (Julian newly on the scene) had dyed my hair and so I was looking for a hat to wear for funeral!

enclose letter from my granny as was so lovely to see her writing after nearly 30 years. My mum had a similar style of writing.

Three pages from my 1982 student diary., that cover a variety of issues – seen though teenage eyes.

No mobile phones in those days so I was rung at college by mum to be told about Grandpa’s death, which I had forgotten how it had upset me so much. But reading the diary it shows so clearly I was truly upset. I think it shows the vulnerability of youth. Compared to all the ‘stuff’ that has perhaps made me a harder adult and probably how in 2019 little I tend to cry.

Grandpa’s funeral was on a Saturday – and best friends 21st birthday( bad timing)- so quite a lot of writing crammed on these 6 pages.

It was interesting to learn things from these old newspaper cuttings. Probably first time I’ve ever seen them. Also an excuse to delve into the diarys. kept me quiet for an afternoon & not thinking about exercises or how my left hand still not typing properly.

Nice change. No doubt boring for everyone else!!

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