You win some, you lose some

Positives and negatives to the last few days spent in Anglesey.

On the positive side- we managed, in a little bungalow. No steps to climb, no mats to trip over ( Julian moved them out of harms way!) The first day was sunny,. if freezing. we got the car serviced. Had some great meals. Tapas the best.

On the negative side- The weather was bracing! Julian managed to switch the heating back on every 30 mins just to keep us toasty. Next day was worse. Sea Mists, low cloud descended. But I did get him to sit and watch Pointless with me. He was confused too.

There is little to do with my mobility as it is. I managed to fall and land on my coccyx. Painful- stopping me from doing much -good excuses for skipping exercising these last few days.

We should have gone the previous week- then it was Spring like. This was more like November?But the views from the windows were good. Then the rain came down for a day – like stair rods. But amazingly they still managed to erect a Ferris wheel through the storm.

We managed to survive, Walking sticks and all. Bring on family holiday with Josh in June. Can’t wait to be sat in the hot tub 🙂

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