Dr saves the day

Not been feeling well- ‘well there’s something novel”!! This time a UTI, really felt crap. the dr put me on some antibiotics whilst we waited for test results. I wasn’t improving. I could see the Easter break approaching, Each day I rang surgery for results. No the receptionist said patiently. As I rang each day. On Thursday. I rang morning and afternoon.

We had collected Josh on Wednesday and Julian was dreading another fiasco like Xmas. Me ill in hospital.

But on Thursday afternoon the receptionist said she’d mention to the dr on call- that I was feeling worse. Good Friday , sat, Easter Sunday and bank holiday everywhere shut apart from hospital. The Dr would ring me back & I was thinking how difficult this could be. But he said he’d rung path lab or where ever they test samples. He’d found the 2 anti biotics that are helpful. One on a drip ( so that was no good). the others he’d prescribe asap.

I was so grateful. Only found this out by the skin of my teeth! I was a happy Easter bunny.

So still feel crap but only 2 days worth of tablets taken as yet. Josh making me smile. Karaoke as usual. I sat and sent these photos to Harvey. Who was delighted. The conversation went something like

‘ Hi Josh’- ‘Nice socks’, ‘Your wearing ‘my slippers!!!’

Harvey moving to Melbourne for 18 months. so that is exciting. Love hearing his news.

On Monday ( feeling bit yucky with UTI) but had a lovely meeting with relative Sarah. my cousins daughter- but only 6 yrs younger. She lives in Spain, so was eager to meet up whilst she’s over nearby with her daughter. who I remember ad a baby and now 15. Time marches on.

I am impressed by my smile in the photo. took about 8 to get it right but looking more like proper smile- not droppy mouth. All those face exercises must be helping.

I’ll sign off now and bid everyone a happy Easter. I think Josh’s egg hunt will be in the sunshine for a change. Lets hope the eggs don’t melt.

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