Countdown to Josh’s 30th b’day

There aren’t many milestones in Josh’s life. He didn’t pass his A Levels, or his Degree ( as didn’t take any). Didn’t pass his diving test- nor likely to ever take it.

He hasn’t got engaged- or married. So many milestones in life we all take for granted- just miss his radar. Missed all that euphoria, over such events. No stag do or elation over social media. Doesn’t have any social media like FB, Twitter or Instagram.

But I do know he is 30 in August – the 6th actually – a long 15 hour labour if I remember( what do I mean if I can’t remember- I know ever detail is still engrained on my feeble memory), and I was 2 weeks(actually 15 days) over due. if my mother rang the maternity ward once more- ever time I nipped to Gateway- they would have slammed the phone down on her!!!

I probably repeat the same things ever year- apologies in advance.

Anyhow I am tryine to make this BIG birthday special. So have started planing a few weeks in advance. Have been buying an assortment of dvds,PC games, audio books in advance. Nothing mind boggling expensive- quantiy seems to be easy when his tastes is out of fashion. In fact I think there ae 30 presents I have wrapped- which seems a brilliant number 🙂 And he gets great pleasure just ripping open these gifts whish have taken me months working out what he might actually like. If I’ve bought a book (age 7 level) I buy the audio tape or audible, so he can listen to the story whilst trying to read the words.

He’s looking forward to the day. A cake, candles, balloons, just the family. He will have all these presents but maybe only one or two cards.

He always used to like to see his cards on the mantle piece. And before Harvey moved away would like to check out who had the most cards. These days they are fewer and fewer, as he doesn’t really have many friends- certainly not any who write cards.

He has been in the wars again- with a fall resulting in fractured finger, For a while a back slab plaster, and now a splint. That will be cooler during this spell of hot weather. And for opening birthday presents!

This week is hospital appointments and physio appointments for me, to keep me cool on such warm days. Not!

MS consultant tomorrow- results of recent MRI.

To finish off- I wanted to sing Harvey’s praises. To just let passengers know that if they travel on trains from Manchester Oxford Road to Salford Crescent ( about a 5 minute section of line- then Harvey designed all the overhead wires and supports). They have just been put into service & should last 80 yrs. previous workers from the UK have sent out details to him in Melbourne. Nice of them.

Or maybe I’ve got some details wrong ( doing most communicating via WhatsApp and each sentence is probably referring to a topic we discussed 5 minutes ago, or 2 days ago!! Similar to a section of the ‘2 Ronnie’s’ show! So I apologise in advance for any typical mum bo bo.

I am very proud and one day will try out the train just to say – my son had a hand in making these run faster . However if anyone tries the train and has a delay, or complaint- don’t bother getting in touch!!

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