I know it’s too early …….

But if you don’t do things when you think about them . Things just get busy and forgot, 🧐so as I’m on a go slow few days ( suspected UTI) thought I’d upload some memories from my old photo albums re Josh 30th on 6th Aug 😍

Love the ones when he was small at our first home – The Lodge. We’re young. I was fit. No ms, no autism. We were poor, but it wasn’t grim😢.

For Josh’s 1st birthday we held the party on the drive, luckily it didn’t.(please excuse any mistakes as I’m typing this on my phone for the first time)😬

Gateway- that’s a long time ago☹️.

  1. sorry it’s getting boring now – only a few more promise😃And so I’ll post this on my blog now as next week might become busy with josh coming home and hopefully some antibiotics for me. X

2 thoughts on “I know it’s too early …….

  1. Thank you for sharing this great post! Life is not easy, but we all find a way to make it through. You are a strong person with so much determination. Living with MS isn’t easy, I know because I have been fighting this illness for 18 years now, but finding ways to help your son makes it even more trying. Keep up the good fight and somehow, someway, things will be okay! I am looking forward to reading more of your fabulous posts! I do hope if you have the time, you will check out my site! I try the best I can to spread as much positivity as I can, while keeping things honest! Take care!!


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