I know it’s too early …….

But if you don’t do things when you think about them . Things just get busy and forgot, 🧐so as I’m on a go slow few days ( suspected UTI) thought I’d upload some memories from my old photo albums re Josh 30th on 6th Aug 😍

Love the ones when he was small at our first home – The Lodge. We’re young. I was fit. No ms, no autism. We were poor, but it wasn’t grim😢.

For Josh’s 1st birthday we held the party on the drive, luckily it didn’t.(please excuse any mistakes as I’m typing this on my phone for the first time)😬

Gateway- that’s a long time ago☹️.

  1. sorry it’s getting boring now – only a few more promise😃And so I’ll post this on my blog now as next week might become busy with josh coming home and hopefully some antibiotics for me. X

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