Birthday break

Quick karokee before we set off for a week in Worcester.

Take a peep out of the window 1st morning at our cottage at dawn & see duck with 5 ducklings crossing the lawn. By the time I find my phone to snap the procession- they’ve waddled away into the pond! so just snap the dawn mist and go back to sleep.

Our cottage is by a lake. Lovely to sit and drink the tipple of the day. Julian enticed to try & catch a fish like the one in a case on the wall in the small room of the house.

Taking the opportunity in Stourport on Severn to show Josh & Julian to see how a barge moves through a lock- from all my barge holidays with YF back 45 years ago!! ‘Don’t throw the ‘Windlass’ shouts Tony!’

Thirtieth birthday- all went to plan- thanks xxx

I have added more photos and for some reason disappeared- how annoying.

Tenbury Wells- sat opposite this building- ( think it’s toilets) how marvellous with weather vane on top. Pretty little town & I focus on the loos!

A great week in all- speaking with Harvey in Melbourne on his birthday. Relaxing by the lake- actually in the sunshine. And then before you know it- it’s time to come home.

Lovely holiday- over before it’s begun. Stopped on way home in Much Wenloch ( may be spelt incorrectly) -went in this antique shop- talk about feeling like a Bull in the China shop. Not enough to breathe never mind move!

Now we are back- Josh is at his house. His caste is removed at last. I’ve no excuse but to start exercising again. I lost my crown- so trip to dentist required yesterday. Took toothbrush & paste with me. But outside dentist Julian said your not going to have much luck cleaning teeth with that paste . It’s Canesten!!!!

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