the old and the new

Starting with my tooth or rather lack of it. I mentioned I had lost a front tooth- still trying to get it sorted.Julian took me back to the dentist this week for an impression. The previous night I wasn’t concentrating ( my usual state) and yet again put moisturiser on the tooth brush instead of toothpaste! yuk. Fowl taste.

Anyway after my impression I mentioned this to my dentist, who replied ‘That’s nothing I’ve had a customer in here who used Canesten once!

I said that was me!!!

Anyway we laughed. Put all creams well away from toothpaste now!! Looking forward to having a tooth again- as doesn’t look to smart when I smile & people notice the gap.

Spent a moment looking in old diaries. Was searching for the time mum bought tickets for my birthday party with a group of school friends March 1972 to go to the theatre. We went to see ‘Sweet Charity ‘at the Palace Theatre Manchester- it was 9th birthday.

I remember mum complaining about how it was sold as being something we would enjoy but really far to old. There is a programme currently on TV called Fosse & Verdon about the people who compiled the original show in America. The same husband & wife team who made Cabaret with Liza Minnelli. I must say it is a very slow programme & I would have given up watching the series if it wasn’t the fact we went to see sweet charity. All I can recall from the live show was a line of girls with their legs up on a bar.- wearing stocking’s and garter’s. I think the story comply went over our innocent heads- ‘Hey big spender!

Any way having found the 1972 diary- it said very little about daily activities- and what was written its barely legiable – shocking spelling. I must see friends names with 4 different spellings!

I found it interesting reading the thoughts of a 9 year old. What I thought was worth noting from the day in the tiny little space given for the day in my Enid Bylton diary.

My timetable at my girls primary school’ Cransley’. It made me laugh the fact I did ballet Wed afternoon!

By the Third term- my writing had completely gone to pot! can hardly read things- but I do recognise Latin. oh how I hated that.

It is lovely how I write on Xmas day- Father Christmas came! Ahh . I seem to remember when I was little one of the way I helped mum with any family party was to make the jellys. I can imagine I was just getting under her feet- preparing turkey for 35 +..

We had wages- not really pocket money- and this made me laugh- 40 1/2 p . it was how import half a pence was then. But I suppose it was then- it would buy a half penny chew.

Dec 1972 and I was now not only making jellys but helping to set tables- but if we had 52 people I am not supporisedshe needed extra help. even if I often got told off or remined by Auntie Barbara that the knife blade faces inwards. I metion the circus we went- at Belle View. Dad hired a coach and we went together. I’ve probably said all this before- repeating my stories!! sorry.

It was just good to see a few reminders in this diary- the good old days- how lucky I was. playing with friends. I remember buying Hunted House- think I’ve till got it somewhere in a cupboard- being such a hoarder.

I’ll finish of this blog with a few photos from the book mum started- ‘this is my life’. A baby book- she didn’t fill in many sections after the first few pages- christening etc. But I am not surprised with 3 older brothers . I must admit the book I started for Josh is so full where Harveys is rather lacking .

So at a later date I added some photos- maninly copies from slides- as dad didn’t really takea photos- we used to see them through the slide projector- very limited.

nice for me to see my uniform for nursery I attended before school. It was on Stamford Road in a house that had conservatory. was it called Keld? can’t recall. The blue winters outfit had cap- which I flushed down the loo? It survived- but rather worse for wear. The summers outfit had some sort of bonnet- but maybe completely confused!- sign off as computers playing up

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