Digging about in the desk

And so Harvey mentioned on the phone the other day as he has to go to India with work did I have a list of his immunisations he’d had over the years, So I thought I would put my hand on this info straight away. But No. The baby book where I’d kept everything jotted down was rather lacking. It was as though I sort of stopped writing things down! shocking. I know as he had all the jabs in time.

But no worries there would be notification somewhere in the house. Trouble is so many places to put theses things- hidey hols.. so I upturned my desk. from one draw to the next- till all was left was the back big drawer in this lovely desk dad had made for me. But to get to the back middle compartment meant moving everything on the desk lid and there was lots- far more then in the photo All those things you think ‘ that are useful .Where shall I put this thing. Oh yes , I’ll shove it in the desk. even takeaway menus etc.. I had to move it completely out of the way. So I opened the cupboard & what’s inside- sweet Fanny Adams! not sure what that means- old fashioned term- for NOTHING!

Wikapedia says……..’Fanny Adams was an English girl who was murdered by solicitor’s clerk Frederick Baker in Alton, Hampshire, on 24 August 1867. The murder itself was extraordinarily brutal and caused a national outcry in the United Kingdom. Fanny was abducted by Baker and taken into a hop garden near her home. She was then brutally murdered and her body cut into several pieces, with some parts never being found. Further investigations suggested that two small knives were used for the murder

But it gave me a great opportunity to look through my desk. I was finding all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. PLus I decided to take the door from the centre section of this desk. whats the point of something I didn’t use. Inside was a lovely inlaid little top drawer to keep stamps, and the shelves that hadn’t seen light for years, now stored my birthday cards. Good job. I didn’t think dad woul mind me tinkering with his desk. I have kept the other drawer to reattach when ever.

So below are a few things I found. Maybe not the immunisation record!

Fantistic postcard dad sent in 1937 from Rhyl. If you can read his writing below. I believe he went on his bike. Was supposed to be going with Tom Lea but he never showed up. Dad camped and said he had a whale of a time. Life as a footloose and fancy free seventeen year old in Rhyl.

And on the back of Jeff’s speech written for my 21st birthday party-were these sums by Laura Warbuton aged 5

Not sure who Herbert Warburton was unfortunately. But hope he survived World war II.

More up to date pieces of correspondence found clearing my desk was a letter Julian wrote to me whilst I was staying with Judith in Lisbon 1983. Infact there were 3 letters- .That was fun rereading those! Life before marriage, children and illness.

I found a lovely letter from Auntie Phyllis, my sweet Auntie Phyllis- mums sister. Writing to me after Harveys christening. My Granny unfortunately died only a week after missing this event, and as you can see from the letter she was thinking of us – even dreaming of giving a speech! what a wonderful thought she’d been thinking about us so warmly.

One above quite a funny school item from Harvey- love the drawing ( very apt to where he is now).

The last letter was from my mum- it’s so great to see her writing. Just so familiar, strong and oozing with kindness.

My desk looking better for this tidy

I feel this is a much better use of this central space instead of the secret compartment with a drawer I couldn’t open.

Bye for now

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