Friends and family

What a busy few week- Not busy in most peoples lives- but more than usual that happens in mine. Especially as we have driven as far as Cheshire twice in last fortnight. First time I’ve been home ( home as in where I grew up ) for at least 9mths.

had a great reunion with Sadler’s and Blenkinsop’s at Judiths house. Was great to see friends from the past. Its good to laugh. Also introduced to Judith’s newest granddaughter Isabelle.. So many changes happening in everyones lives. Harvey is traveling to India with work this week and I’m turning into my mum asking can he text me when he’s there- so I can check hes’ safe. Mum would ask me to do this at age 55 after going to see her in Cheshire– one hour on the M56 not quite the same as 2 flights from Melbourne via Singapore to Jundpore! We never stop worrying as parents

All had a lovely night over at Bridget and Johns- fabulous roast lamb meal with wonderful deserts. Yum yum. Always lots to chat about- good food and company- its good for the soul.

Than yesterday was the second anniversary since mum died. So at last we made the journey over to the church to visit the graves. I haven’t been since I was poorly at Xmas. We bought a bunch of deep pink coloured roses to lay on the grave. a colour I knew she would like. took all the polyethene away from the flowers & tied together with piece of raffia. so they were all primed to leave , but yesterday we’d travelled half way to Cheshire & I remembered they were still in a some cold water in the back kitchen. !!

Typical!! we stopped and bought a similar coloured cyelman. Hoping this would be planted by someone in the future. Arrived at the church and fortutetly a gentleman walked past with a pair of sctyters( spelt incorrectly) and a garden fork. Julian aksed if we could borrow the little fork for a minute- so now the grave has a bit of colour. The Flowers on show for me to look at and remember her at home !

We also got together for a meal with my two brothers and wives for a meal- after visiting the stone mason. Trying to complete the gravestone for the plot. It is more complex as the grave was already a family member from my dads side. Uncle John who died in 1928. We are hoping to use his grave stone, which actually under all the grey grime is a light marble. As mum would call it Manchester rain.

The stone actually an unusual scroll schame. and we didn’t want a modern gravestone if possible.. Anyway I won’t show that yet in casse it doesn’t work out. But we had a nice meal, raised a toast to remember mum. I wanted to visit the grave so all in all ( apart from forgetting her flowers ) a succeaful if tiring day.

Now for cup of tea & maybe watch pointless.

the pheasants rooming the garden – at last 4 little chicks. Ahhh

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