digging up the past

Hours, days have been engrossed in the past. I have fallen into the trap of searching on a ancestry site- searching for a ‘One ‘relatives details. Then the next thing I find days have past- entwined in a family web of relatives. Learning about those who never reach their twenty’s or those who disappear even in childhood. Mothers who bear 6 times as many children as we do now in modern times. Well into their forties. What a life spent cooking, hands red raw with washing. But it is engrossing- and I suppose for while keeps me quiet.

September It’s always a funny month. Julian’s birthday this week which was fun.. He recently has caught the carp fishing bug. last wk went locally & caught one on his first attempt trying, In fact the rod was on it’s way into the lake when he caught it- or would disappear for ever. Once photographed- the carp returned to swim amongst those lilies pads.

So some of his birthday was spent in a outdoor warehouse looking at fishing tackle. I sat on a plinth on the only fold up chair we could find. ( the plinth to give some height but I did feel rather a spare part).

So that is one part of my week. another is having my tooth sorted at last- or starting to transform the toothless space. I had the root removed so looks a lot less frightening when I smile. next step is getting something permanant but the prices of implants- I think I’d need a mortage,

What would have been mum & dads wedding annervsary yesterday. 75 next year xxxx

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