Catching up with Josh yesterday

Yesterday we took Josh for lunch at the Kings Head in LLanrhaedr, next door to were lived 25 years ago. Somewhere very close to were we live now- but as on a side road, we just drive past usually. But felt like a trip down memory lane- as my mum would often take me and the boys when tiny next door for lunch.


We held Harvey’s christening in the St Dyfnogs church opposite, then ate at the Kings Head. Lots of happy memories. as well as hard work as we spent a year renovating Rosemeade before moving in. It was great hearing Josh remember things that either happened at that time or décor of the house. Things I had forgotten. He has a fantastic memory ( typical ASD).

Josh was also keen to show us his photos taken last week on his tour of Coronation Street. ( as I mentioned he doesn’t watch the show but knows I do- how lovely).

The quality of photos not good as I was photographing from his camera! I thought I spotted cousin Sally who also went last week with family from South Wales. But probably not!

Mustn’t forget the World Cup rugby- aren’t Wales doing well so far. Lovely to think thousands of mile away in Melbourne Harvey is cheering them on.

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