finished- in my style- shocking!

Over the last few weeks I have been making another slip ( petticoat). It’s my third over the last few years. But since Christmas and being in hospital never thought I could manage with the lose of movement in left hand. But it has recovered enough to attempt. If slowly and rather clumsier. ( bit like typing)

Anyway this morning I have finished at last 🙂 I like cotton, so that is firs criteria- or I tend to come out in a rash. Then due to M S can’t stand tight clothing. I suppose over sensitive. ( love those scissors in picture above)- they remind me my Auntie Phyllis ( her scissors)- she was brilliant with her needle & thread. they cut so well & shout if Julian wants to use them to cut other things but material. also love the metallic needle tray- what a brilliant invention. I bought one as present for mother in law & thought tread yourself Susan!

The cotton slip is rather irregular, as not made it from a pattern, Just sort of made it up as I went along!¬! hence not the best fit!! But I want it loose. Really look like a sack of potatoes. Had to sew a bit then, pin together , then sew or alter etc. But today finished. So can put sewing maching away again for while. Peeped at the canvas pitures in draw still sat there waiting for me ot finish them or display the completed ones some time!

(pictures peeping out of the drawer & quite nice seeing parts of them- just the abstract colours & shapes.)

strange view from bedroom the other day- a low line of cloud.

Just added this – as photographed it the other day & had conversation with Harvey in Melbourne. Suggested as good program to watch on iPlayer. It is just nice to chat over things. He is coming home for Xmas- can’t wait for a proper chat.

St Dyfnogs pool I have mentioned before in nearby village- LLanrhaedr where we once lived- has had a recent dig and found 6000 quarry. see below link if interested.

Our anniversary this week & made Julian a card whilst he’s out fishing. Very half-hearted attempt! couldn’t find any glue. Just a selection of pictures.! but saved £2.50 !!!

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