Marching towards Autumn- well actually it is autumn!

I’ve had a week full of appointments- physio ( who has said I don’t need to go to see her any more, but can just carry on( using my tool box of different exercises). Julian & I have discussed this toolbox in jest since the meeting! Apparently I can go back if I feel I require extra help sometime- via making appointment via a GP ( if you can actually get an appointment).

I suppose I do see remarkable improvements from how I was back last Xmas ( thank God). The appointments with any phyios have been spasmodic. Staff leavning- months and months without any direction- but when I actually could get to see a Physio- they did help considerably.

Nice to have less things in my diary to attend, be it physio or whatever especially as Julian been driving me around. I must start driving. Maybe leave it till after xmas. what a wuss!! .

So that was one appointment- another was blood test & apparently my month of eating lots of red meat, spinach, broccoli & surprisingly sultanas has upped iron levels. Back to chicken I think now!

Third appointment ( sorry if I am boring you with all these medical appointments in my life!). A referral from my MS consultant in Chester.This one was in nearby town Mold. lovely sunny day. Hence all the photos. This time it was to visit Incontinence nurse. ( not the best subject) but I don’t actually have that issue ( thank goodness) but with the MS do have a hesitancy. I often turn on the tap to help. Have I told you all this before.

Anyway she was a real cheery nurse. I had been measuring intake & out take of liquids for at lest 3 days and the results were quite unusual. I was apparently was consuming far too much, which is one reason getting up during night a few times for wee. I thought drinking water great thing to do. Always been quite proud of my love for the stuff, But apparently she said try not to drink more than a total consumption of all your fluids added together more than one and a half to 2 litres a day.

So since then I have been measuring in an empty 1 & 1/2 litre bottle with funnel attached everything a drank- cups of tea, water, wine etc & keeping the levels down to correct amount. Also not drinking at lest 3 hrs before go to bed ( might even be 5 hrs).

We stopped for lunch in a local café, that I remember in the past would cook me gluten free Italian pasta meals if I just took along my pasta. So I measured out my spaghetti in the morning writing on the plastic bag cooking times.

What a fantastic meal. Obviously I had spaghetti bolognaise- Julian lasagna. The owner is an Italian lady who ‘s father had a café a few doors away about 25 yearws ago. His food was brilliant, so I suppose when he retired his daughter carried on the tradition. When Julian went to pay she had only charged me £3 for my meal as I’d brought the pasta. But we gave a fantastic tip.

Next time we visit Mold what to choose Meal balls or carbonara- mmmm.

Next week Josh will be here for FEW DAYS. jULIAN HAS BOUGHT THE PUMPKIN TODAY. hE MENTIONED TO THE LADY ON THE TILL- IT’S NOT EVER PARENT THAT CARRIES ON CARVING HALLOWEN MASKS FOR 30 YEARS. tHE LADY ON THE TILL USED TO KNOW jOSH AS A YOUNG LAD as she worked at His Special School, Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn. SHe alwasys asks how he’s getting on.

Sorry I used capitals- had hit the key with left hand. It is often hitting the wrong button- but much better than it used to be with coordination. I suppose should do exercised. but sometimes – just boring as f**k. when I use my fork I notice it is very slow. If I am complaining also speech sometimes slurred, left leg tend to drag when tired, my balance wobblily &nearly fallen over about twice this week when changing direction, still use my trolley at night-. but over all things on an even improvement. 🙂

Next appointment in a fortnight- is with a physiologist another referral by wonderful MS consultant. It will be interesting to see if I am a blathering mess after that meeting or my usual happy self.

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