First snow this morning. Which thank goodness didn’t stick here- but I can see on the hills. We have had some glorious autumn sunshine.

Josh enjoyed his few days at home over Halloween. Time for more karaoke.

I managed a trip to the hairdressers before he came here. Quite handy as Julian can spend a few hours at the lake with the other fisherman whilst hair been done.

Laura ( not my niece) has been my hairdresser for at least 10 years. Says never had a customer who’s hair is quite like mine. About 5 years aago sections of hair dropped out ( was quite worring) not know when it would stop. The plug hole was always so full of this lost hair- I got frightened to wash it.

Thankfully it grew back. But was pure white- not grey but white.

I have tried to mask this multi coloureed hair- but the white so hard to colour. Anyway she photographed it for me to show how the white setions are so symmetrically even.She’s has never know anyones hair do this before. Looks like I have had streaks!

Sory to bore you all with such a tale.

Changing the subject not long now till Harvey back for his Xmas trip- Less than a month 🙂

On the negative side Grandma Shirely not feeling so good at the moment.

Let’s hope and pray for a healthy Xmas after last year.

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