Emotional- exasperated-futile

3rd Jan at 10am appointment at the citizens advice to complete Josh’s Capability for work’ form, .

I am exhausted after busy Xmas- a lovely Xmas . Josh stayed with us for 10 days maybe more- fantastic to have him home, but tiring.

Wonderful to have the family under one roof- seeing Harv all the way from Australia, but that in itself stressful, as I am worrying about him leaving. Counting down the days till we part . ( sounds rather like a woss)but just being mum😂. It’s so great having him around for few wks.

Anyway- that’s another story- just telling you the tiredness I felt after helping complete this capability for work form , it’s nonsense, Josh is 30, he has mild learning difficulties and autism.

That isn’t going to disappear.

Please don’t ask me as his appointee to fill in-such stupid questions on his behalf like can he set an alarm clock or washing machine. Go to places he is unfamiliar alone. No – he is a vunerable adult. It’s fuc*k*nf awful but that is the situation, He’d get lost, never goes out anywhere unattended.

I want to say all the positive things about eldest son, but not asking me how he enjoys karaoke,: kind soul; his laugh is worth thousands.

This form is sent with evidence- such as his unified assessment plan, inter grated care & support plan etc etc. But we still have to answer the heart wrenching questions.

Ask any parents who fill these with similar forms in over numerous years .

So straight after new year- straight back to reality. Not like last year. That was horrendous being in hospital not moving left side. Still not anything like back to normal. Not driving etc etc.

But this futile form filling for someone’s condition like josh- is waste of everyone’s time. It was on 3rd( can’t work out what day of week it was – confused after all these bank holidays)

I lay on sofa all afternoon. All night. All following day😅.

watched Marilyn Monroe in some like it hot. Amongst numerous other things.

Today slightly more awake- but still sat on sofa- taping away on phone.

I have vent my spleen now so watch some more taped films from the festive period, the king and I always a fav🤩.

Happy new year .

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