Out with the old( well some of the clutter)

Ever year like my mum I go through new diary jotting down birthday days ( numerous great nephews & nieces).

This week I decided to have a clear out of these old diary’s which were stored year after year- filling my cupboards 😞.

Anyhow normally I store old diary with precious ones I wrote from my youth. In the days when you’re talked about feelings and stuff not just birthday & appointments.

Few gems amongst the books.

How exciting to see a glimpse of your offspring from the pastπŸ˜….

From 2006- Josh’s old school- Plas Brondyffryn- moving to new school. After all the campaigns- what a wonderful step towards improving the situation. I had looked through diary’s and previous years are filled with meetings. Starting Trusts, non stop pushing for better facilities for our children.

It was a torture. Now my days are spent sat on the sofa. Im exhausted thinking about it, not driving so that’s another mishap, ( why is this under lined!! Must have pressed something. Is that better .

Not even turning computer for ages. All types from ease of sofa. So when I see what I used to do and all the energy towards an improvement in a school I have nothing to do with anymore!!

Anyway such is life- I did what I did like other mums who have moved on. Our kids grown up. My energy levels not the same .

So all those diary’s in the bin – what other clutter can I home in on. But cuppa tea first.

Lovely photo from son no 2 down in sunny Melbourne. Can’t help sharing it .

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