Feather in one’s cap- not my cap- but I feel I’m associated through birth ( having been there) ….

Proud as punch. Is that a saying, But received a text from Harvey on Friday – over there in Melbourne.

Got some pretty big news today.

I am now the lead engineer and responsible for the design and engineering for the overhead line in the metro tunnel.”



Which sort of makes it more worthwhile the distance of our separation! (drama queen).

Meanwhile January trudges along. I have spent a vast amount sat on the sofa recovering from Xmas. But decedied to maybe be more proactive without straining myself to much! So sat at thte PC searcghing for a COTTAGGE FOR OUR SUMMER TRIP WITH joSH.

Not sure why that was written in capitals- but my left hand does like to play tricks on me sometimes. Especially the little fingers!!

What a fantastic sky last night- very ‘Turneresque’. I thought.

What a wonderful prezzy Julian brought me back from shopping this week. Little boxes of mini eggs. I love them. Just eenought for one nights indulgence. So he’s been back and I’ve had a box a night for nearly a week! can’t keep this up until EASTER!!!!

Julian’s mum is out at last after 12 weeks from hospital. As per usual they hospital announced it at midday she was being dropped off at 5pm later that day. Quite a panic to sort her house after a new bathroom, flooring etc, Anyway she is managing pretty well.

I must concentrate on boiling my egg- what better for Sunday lunch a egg majo sandwich,. I hope you like my sky photos- I have plent more up my sleeve,

Well done Harvey again- xx

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