I’ve been feeling yuk……

I’ve been feeling full of cold.

can’t remember how to use this silly blog!!

last thing I did was go to see my m.s. consultant.

And then since around tues the 28th jan- just been laid up at home.

SO that is two whole weeks – written off the calendar.

my poor husband- been faring back and forwards to the shops.

He has been double whammy now- helping out with his mum. And meanwhile I have taken no photos! Apart from those on the camera from the sky. Whoa.

And then those from the computer sent to me by Harvey.

SO I am putting them here. To show how proud I am.

Number two son in Australia. How he manages with his engineering work. He’s now become a ‘Lead engineer’!! Which matches all the underground photos from above of the Metro. look at the tunnels- I’ve never seen it before- apart from on my phone & the new underground stations.

At the Melbourne open with cousin ralph.( they could be brothers) although a ten year difference. (He moved to Melbourne earlier last year)

And so to mark the second year anniversary. Tomorrow 15th Feb.

Noted in my diary, along with Sally’s birthday. My B I being delivered on Wednesday. Tomorrow it’s two whole years since Harvey left for Sydney. Went up the escalator and waved bye. We love you Harv.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been feeling yuk……

  1. Another lovely blog as usual! Sorry to read that you have been laid up. Your sky photos are amazing!!
    Best wishes
    Sylvia (sandra’s friend) x


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