What to blog -when nothing’s happened

😱I could start this blog with this and finish it😱.

Nothing happened in my life.

I went to my hairdressers yesterday. It was a strange feeling, as it was squeezed in. The previous week I turned up as the time dictated.

Whoops. Julian and I were right , but Laura, my hairdresser hadn’t copied the much needed appointment in her big book. So we turned up and she just looked at us, like why were we there. 🙀

She gave me small slot to fill. So turned up as only the thing in this week’s diary.🤪

( having said that , we did nip over to have lunch with big bro Jeff and Maria at the greyhound pub. And after hours full of chat. Over then to meet 5th baby in Laura’s house little Magnus.🤡

Then a quick viewing of the lovely restored tombstone at mum and dads & home before the rush hour.😔)

So going to see Laura (my hairdresser) was a big deal.

She and I had a great chance to chat. Inconsequentials. And just as well I wasn’t passing a test because it was all over the place. 🥶

She’d ask me something easy how are the boys, and I’d just waffled. I could hear myself not making sense. It sounded so embarrassing.🥺🥺

So that is my mind after sitting on the sofa and not going out for 6 wks.

Perhaps I need to get more exercise. I’ll keep you informed. 👍👍

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