A shame

What a shame. Hijinx are now closed, along with Kit out Kids, and Josh’s place at college. All things josh really enjoyed.

I haven’t any photos of his time at college- but he loved it. As he was telling me the other day.

He won’t miss his money he earns from K O K. Its always given to him in an little brown envelope £3.00. Money as token jester for what he earns.

I haven’t got he latest photo from Hijinx. It’s on Instagram. So I have put some from the past. Ones you probably haven’t seen before. Well done Josh hope you don’t get bored. Been taken out each day to places like Brenig. Maybe a days fishing?

Boho- what a performance. His first speaking part. What a great day out for Sandra and Judith. Which was going to be repeated in the following weeks, A day at the theatre for Judith & Sue. But alas the Coronavirus is here and stops us. stopped the production, audience and everything.

Two days a week at Hijinx. That has led to so many productions. Duck soup was the first.

Thanks for everything.

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