testing times

I look at these jugs each day- and they may have the odd chip or broken handle but they give me such pleasure- how sad is that!


& this drawing from Josh.

I sent him a Happy Easter card ( well it was scrawled on the back of a picture of Laurel & Hardy) and a nicer card in the draw.I think being Thursday he will have actually opened them now. I rang to talk to him and they said yes they’d received the letter but was waiting a 4 day period before being safe to open! So hopefully now he could understand what I was writing.

Nothing to write . I’ve been in the garden with Julian watching him dig.Oh yes, I’ll tell you about my walk………

Because I’d forgotten Laura’s birthday, I quickly wrote a card . Then deciding not to wake his Lord and master, I just crept out whilst he was asleep to post it. Walking is so much better these days, but too good to be true!

On my way back took a quick detour through the garden and stupidly ended up toppling over into the hedge!!

What a real plonker. I really rammed myself against the dog netting and all the vegetation. Rolling backwards there was no possible way I could get out. So I rang Julian- unable to tell him where I was due to a fit of laughter!

He set of in the car( which was no good).As luck had it he could see me waving from my position. What a performance trying to get me out! I was really stuck. It took a while getting me out and I’m counting the bruises in silence as Julian has no sympathy.

So yes we are fine but I am giggling to myself.

My fried Judith reminded me of the tale of Peter Rabbit. Telling me of saying I had been stuck under the netting like he was!!

My other exciting news is Harvey.

He has received a letter from his boss telling him about his high performance in the company leading to a promotion to a Senior Engineer Level 7, with a pay increase to around £60,000. Yippee. Not bad whtne you are only 27.

I’m proud of both of my boys. Not a finer bunchto be found anywhere.

I said to Julian Id seen something run ACROSS THE floor LATE AT NIGHT IN THE LIVING ROOM. and it was true. their it was the same place. We ‘re not sure how it has appeared, but it has. So today I’ve set a trap ( well not me but Julian) & ordered some from amazon. I think it ran inside one day, with the hot weather. If I see it again tonight- it will be me running out.

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