The Warburton Collection

Well that was a lot of pictures and writing!!

I have a few things to note, from the pages of my diary. Firstly I was astute enough at 21 to say ‘I feel proud of all this and dad collecting it all- but so sad coz its all going tomorrow!…….. Maria said Jeff is so upset he can’t go to the sale. I didn’t think it affected him.’

152-Allis Charmers tractor only makes £110 ( after all the painting Julian and I did!!

Ian buys the thrashering box no 95for £125. so cheap.

Milk float gets around £1200 No 186.

no 192 the Good Irish Jaunting Cart from ‘the Quiet man’ with John Wayne around £1000.

No 193 the Early Grocers Mobile Shop £1600.

No 218 A Fine Gentleman’s Brougham only made£280.

No 219 A Omniblus Carriage.£1200.

‘seems cheap really and so sad. Even worse once they taken away- gone forever, not dad’s anymore- feel like the4y are been stolen!!

Saturday 12th. Things really hot up when No 864 the penny farthing goes for £1380!

No 873 The Austin goes for £800

N0 877 Victorian baby carriage sells for £950. I had made the price of it run higher as I was bidding too- but couldn’t afford that much!!!

I can tell in hindsight how much mum did in the background. Feeding us around 18!Roast beef! I am full of cold- I can remember that.

And that is the end of this weeks blog folks! bye for now. Sue

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