5th Sept 86 -17th April 87

Here are all the days I’ve plucked from thin air-just random parts I’ve highlighted!

5th Sept 86- (6 wks before we wed). We’ve moved into the lodge over the summer with Jules sleeping in the front bedroom!! This piece of information for my mums ears to pacify her.

our room- before the paint– what low windows?

Finally hear today we’ gained a place at the craft centre.; at that stage the Ruthin centre was full . Framers, Potters, Jewellers, Brass Garden Ornaments, Wild life Artisan, pottery craft painters, Glass Blowers, Fish Pottery, Textile painting, and Candlemakers. Going through a selection process- what am honour. Well it got us what we wanted somewhere to use as a studio space- and sell. In wales. our dream when we had just moved from London. ( soon a nightmare- but not at that age)

19th Sept 1986- Dad helps us drive the equipment to North Wales.. He arrives at 10- what sight, on the back of the truck-just frightening seeing all screens, rack, plan chest and printing table in the fresh air ( my birthday present from dad). Thank goodness it didn’t rain!

14th Oct 1986- Jules tries his suit on for last time ( he had made in Chester). Tight waistcoat, with lapels. 4 pockets. very baggy trs, so high waisted- under his arm pits, his braces pull on nothing really. Very pleated at waist, & full in leg with turn ups. long single breasted jacket. All just as he wanted. he looks he’s from mafia.

Looking for bridesmaid’s present, settle on pottery animals. All with spots & two cats for Laura & Kate.

Last try of my dress.

Then the big day ( at last!!)

Now I am Mrs Askins- everything carries on as before- although less complicated. Apart from having no money- but that was normal really!!

In it’s later life- Dad used the wood as sides to my desk!

Stella comes to stay for a few days- she’s chosen the coldest time of the year!!

Sunday 15th 1987- Grannies 90th Bithday

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