Before I forget

I wanted to mention what a great time we had on Josh’s birthday. Super photos via Harvey that have taken me over a week to fathom how to use Dropbox again!!! Even now not sure how I managed. He helps me, in the same way I help Grandma Shirley. He’s up to speed in the … More Before I forget


I thought the weather forecast said rain today- but not hail- in August? I can hardly see the hills, towards Ruthin- raining like stair rods. Josh is staying here at home for a few days- as it’s his birthday tomorrow. Twenty eight. He is pretty excited the anticipation of my present buying skills – I … More Hailing

Yellow Roses

This is the yellow rose plant we planted in the garden from Sandra & Martin, to remind me of dad. It must like the location as it’s  definitely grown  & has so many more roses. Each time I look out of the window- it does make me smile- so is certainly doing the trick. The … More Yellow Roses

Hello sunshine

Thursday I drove to the hairdressers- taking a picture on the way back- you can just about see the Spire of St Peters church Ruthin- in the distance. It was so misty- fine drizzle The view below is towards Moel Famau mountain- but the Clwyd range is masked by mist.For 2 days it was really … More Hello sunshine

‘Not exaggerating- BoHo was really entertaining’

So yesterday was unusual. On the calendar it happened to be when we were visiting Josh, but unlike a normal trip out, apart from buying his supplies (lottery ticket, radio times, bottles mineral water, few sweets & crisps) and a search round the charity shops for DVD, or play-station game. Dinner at a drive through MacDonald’s. … More ‘Not exaggerating- BoHo was really entertaining’

Proud mum

I’m in the process of trying to cook- something that has been put on the back burner( ho ho ) this past week with dad’s funeral to jointly organise( I ‘m taking a very small part in the event, but still feels busy.) I can understand why people sometimes say they don’t have time to … More Proud mum