Well here another fine ‘holiday’ you gotten us into! Josh is

And it certainly was. From arriving at ‘Moorcroft’, Treaddur Bay in Anglesey it was a peaceful break. A place I could move through the house with my zimmer, but it took Josh and Julian to help me get inside, up the 3 steps. So afterwards we went in and out through the back door, up … More Well here another fine ‘holiday’ you gotten us into! Josh is

Just a few photos- nice colours, freezing cold. Josh home for one day. Getting ready to go away. Let’s hope it warms up. All I can say, is getting slowly better. This broken hip is cold to get going, and it’s not even frosty weather. Been for a drive to ‘ North Wales Densitometry Unit’ … More


In the end -after four attempts. Two different district nurses at home. Wearing my mask. She says after the third try’ calling me a pin cushion’. That’s two arms, one hand. She wants to give in. I say please try once my. I will ,will my blood down this modern type syringe. Shutting my eyes … More 🩸

New blog

mini eggs- brought in little bags as soon as there in the shop by Julian!! And not much to say this blog, so using points. Spoken with Harvey in Melbourne-whose still courting Ellen.since Nov ( as much as he told me- so could be months extra!) Anyway photo he sent me worth sharing. So Harv … More New blog

Pips delivery

What a few days( I apologise to those birthdays I’ve been late for). Pips is all collated, photo copied, and in the envelope. What an achievement. With a broken hip, lot of good will from husband & those at CAB.

Life just goes on

Sorry nothing much to say- I’ve done nothing! Just slept- gone to the loo, ( which is an event in itself).using my Zimmer frames. Every movement is bloody painful. I sleep with a rolled up towel in between my legs( anything to stop them crossing), Getting my left leg over the top takes practice!never mind … More Life just goes on

What a saga

I’ve been in hospital for over a week. On the 10th January feel. Whoosh, in the kitchen lying on the cold floor. Waiting for the ambulance ( thinking- ‘glad Julian gave it a brush the other day’. Ambulance men arrived two hours later. Bye bye Julian- off to mend my leg. He had been rushing … More What a saga

Quick catchup

Hi, sorry been away a few weeks. Josh been staying for a while- lovely to see him again. Have to mention ‘I am a Celebrity – currently been filmed in ‘Gwrych Castle’.