Baby tea

Just finished my cuppa- and reminded my mum always used to joke when I was with her. She seemed to think milk was some sort of poison, & say ‘not much milk for me- only a drop’. In fact shed prefer it black than too much milk. Anyhow I am the opposite I hate strong … More Baby tea

Precious time

Weeks are passing- but they appear to be going in slow motion. Time, thinking processes revolving around my mum. How she is , how much food or water being consumed. how much pain killers, is she comfortable, alert, asleep. Last week  ( as seems to be the norm at the moment ) we made two … More Precious time

Staring at this computer screen gives me no inspiration

It’s been a while since I wrote anything for my blog. Events at the moment keep taking a turn for the worse- so my mind is more than frazzled. I can’t think, but manage to eat & drink– the chocolate biscuits keep disappearing, never mind the odd bottle of  Sauvignon Blanc. On the positive side … More Staring at this computer screen gives me no inspiration

Before I forget

I wanted to mention what a great time we had on Josh’s birthday. Super photos via Harvey that have taken me over a week to fathom how to use Dropbox again!!! Even now not sure how I managed. He helps me, in the same way I help Grandma Shirley. He’s up to speed in the … More Before I forget


I thought the weather forecast said rain today- but not hail- in August? I can hardly see the hills, towards Ruthin- raining like stair rods. Josh is staying here at home for a few days- as it’s his birthday tomorrow. Twenty eight. He is pretty excited the anticipation of my present buying skills – I … More Hailing