Before I forget

I wanted to mention what a great time we had on Josh’s birthday. Super photos via Harvey that have taken me over a week to fathom how to use Dropbox again!!! Even now not sure how I managed. He helps me, in the same way I help Grandma Shirley. He’s up to speed in the … More Before I forget

Hello sunshine

Thursday I drove to the hairdressers- taking a picture on the way back- you can just about see the Spire of St Peters church Ruthin- in the distance. It was so misty- fine drizzle The view below is towards Moel Famau mountain- but the Clwyd range is masked by mist.For 2 days it was really … More Hello sunshine

Broken Mug

Josh’s wonderful trip to Half a Sixpence- I have no photo’s as yet- but I believe a few were taken, as evidence he went & had a great time in Trafalgar Sq, popped into the National Gallery ( bit of culture), before a well deserved pizza- then on the Noel Coward Theatre to watch the … More Broken Mug

Trip to post office

Over the last few weeks I have been organising a renewal passport for Josh.  Practising  sign inside the box. Then he was taken for the photos. Which  I thought  looked great. I filled in the form. Julian also needed replacement passport  Took them to the post office together for checking. So stood in the post … More Trip to post office

Not up to the mark – don’t need this hassle

Not been feeling brilliant this week, some  creeping sensations of saddle paresthesia ,  fair enough- these things happen in MS plus a silly little cough probably caught on the ‘park & ride’ visiting hospital last week. The man sat in front to me was suffering with a terrible cough- so I think the whole bus … More Not up to the mark – don’t need this hassle

Bonfire Night 2001 (Written 15 years ago- excuse all the mistakes!)

Bonfire night 2001 (written fifteen years ago when I was just jotting down ideas- would they ever become a book? ……… I wonder why do I continue to put all these thoughts down on paper,are they going anywhere? In my mind I am slowly unwinding the life around me, my little orbit; a slightly different perspective. … More Bonfire Night 2001 (Written 15 years ago- excuse all the mistakes!)

What a revelation

Was listening to #Radio2 on the was back from hospital appointment & heard a lady who is on the way to making a million ( well a good living) from her blog. Now that was something I didn’t know anyone could do. So more motivation to tidy my new blog & keep writing Not sure who … More What a revelation


Why am I am trying to blog? I suppose if I can write a book with the theme family life /autism & multiple sclerosis – then as the book finishes over ten years ago there will be things I can blog about. Harpercollins Amazon