Precious time

Weeks are passing- but they appear to be going in slow motion. Time, thinking processes revolving around my mum. How she is , how much food or water being consumed. how much pain killers, is she comfortable, alert, asleep. Last week  ( as seems to be the norm at the moment ) we made two … More Precious time

Mondays lunch

Today I had  a lovely meal with a friend ( I was temped to call an old friend- but didn’t want to insinuate she’s ‘old’) but we’ve know each other since kids- so perhaps best friend is lovely way to phrase it. Anyway she came over in her jolly car ( a fair few miles)& … More Mondays lunch


Why am I am trying to blog? I suppose if I can write a book with the theme family life /autism & multiple sclerosis – then as the book finishes over ten years ago there will be things I can blog about. Harpercollins Amazon