negative thinking

I’m not a negative person- but completing the Employment & Support Allowance form is ‘DEMORALISING’, REALLY, DEMORALAZISING !!! why has my spell check stopped working? I need that to check my spelling. Maybe it only checks lower case not capitals. Anyhow this form ‘the Capability for Work Questionnaire‘ is dire. How many negative things can … More negative thinking


It’s been another couple of weeks where I’ve been feeling under the weather. About a week back I woke one morning, and taking no notice of feeling ‘giddy’ I marched into the bathroom or staggered, as the last few steps weren’t upright but rather sideways- finding myself landing in a heap on the floor by … More Torn

Beautiful day

The other day I went to town- determined to try & spend some of my vouchers given by my mother in law as a Xmas present (topped up last week with birthday gift). So I had a sizable amount to shop with & what with a bad bout of saddle paraesthesia in Jan, followed by … More Beautiful day


Looking out the window today, yesterday, all week it has been grey.I was talking to mum in Nov last year- saying there were still a few roses here & there in the garden, and she said her grandma ‘ Alice Maud’ who she was named ¬†after, often would pick one on Xmas day (as she … More Grey


A new years resolution I should make ( perhaps) is to stop hoarding- card board boxes! Empty ones, but in my eyes – useful. A few are stacked up one inside another – by the side of my sewing machine ; especially nice ones fit on top of the dresser; some in bedroom cupboards ( … More Hoarding