Take a step outside (by myself)- nothing as adventurous as a walk!

Last week was my birthday- so that was nice- also the weather seemed really like spring. also I am walking round the house without my stick.

so I thought I’d step outside. to see the temperature- very sunny but still a cool wind. I only moved few feet- but it felt quite adventurous. I haven’t been in the garden all year. most of the grass to difficult for me to walk on being a slope. Cautious of any falls. But I was outside- if only for a minute. Progress must be being made.

Most of the time my routine is quite boring. To brighten up this week I have been taking a peek in the 1982 diary again. In fact more then a peek one day sitting an reading the whole book in one go. Moving on a few months from the last book. They weren’t diary’s but written in blank paged books.

It is strange to reead about life with JUlian after wwe first met, anad within 5 months we’d moved in togther.However at the sme time I note aboiut visits to home and life at the farm. The people who clled in on a snday to playa game of tennis.- names I had forgotten.

The lunches mum would provide on a Saturday- for a table of 8. she was marvellous. It always seemed to be no hassle- did I thank her enough. Probably not. It was what mum excelled at. But I did help washing up!

I have copied a few pages from the diary to give a flavour of that time. Nothing to exciting. sorry if it is tedious- 🙂

Love the bit where as usual the first thing mum says is ‘SUSAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR! I CAN HEAR HER SAY IT BEFORE I GET INTO THE HOUSE!!!

Another page of this 1982 diary was meeting the artist Tim Mara which probably means nothing to most people, but in that era, as art students some of us were quite influenced by Pop artists, and other artists like Patrick Caufield who often incorporated elements of photorealism within a pared-down scene. (Both to be found if you google them)

Power cuts Imminent 1975 Tim Mara

Below my screen print I was working on at the time. Very nice to receive his comments. Love reading what I wrote

Above two of the budgie screen prints I did the same year. Loved working on different backgrounds.

Any way remembering all this has kept me occupied. Thinking about the past. Artwork, student life, home life. It was a busy time.

Mum was a great mum. I gave her some hassle. strange hair styles, strange colours- but probably not like todays young people do with thier tattoos, or piecing’s!

Mothers day tomorrow- I will be thinking of her- as I am sure we all will be whether our mums still with us or not. They are in spirt